Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Greatest Lessons

We often inch forward in our lives, afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Yet ironically most of our greatest lessons come from when we stretch ourselves by taking risks and from our mistakes that result.

No great venture was ever achieved without great risk nor without many mistakes. If we are to succeed in life we can't get there by sitting on the sidelines avoiding risks and mistakes. We must go forward to achieve our dreams.

I recall attempting to start and actually starting businesses that failed. But the experience from those failures eventually led to starting what became a very successful business.

As you consider your life, how many great lessons did you learn when everything proceeded as normal? And how many great lessons did you learn when you did something bold, even if at the time it failed? Your answer in itself is one of life's great lessons.

We are here briefly and the slate gets wiped clean after we leave. So why hesitate? We are meant to grow and our greatest growth comes from our bold actions and all of their mistakes.

And after we are gone, when people remember us it is for the compelling actions we took, not for our boring routines. So let's give them something worth talking about.


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