Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Common Journey

We share so much of life together, as we depend upon one another, help one another, befriend one another and love one another.

Even among differing cultures, creeds, skin colors, religions and languages we as mankind see our oneness, often as basic as how parents love their children and how families interconnect. For example, who anywhere doesn't understand the connection between mother and child?

Who doesn't instantly comprehend the feelings a couple shares when they fall in love?

Who doesn't understand that eventually each of us will arrive at death's door, and how friends and family feel when that happens.

That wars are still fought reminds us how through our own fears and ignorance, those who crave power can still manipulate us to kill our brethren.

The solution is remarkably simple.

Using the extraordinary advances in technology, we need to communicate and really get to know each other better. As we do we need to help each other so as to relieve the poverty and extreme despair that traps some of our brethren.

For this will relieve our fears and end our ignorance and unite us in our common humanity and in our God given love and compassion for one another.


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