Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Calm Within

Sometimes we become anxious. What if this happens or that happens, what will we do?

What does he think of us or why doesn't she return our call? Will we get that promotion, will we get invited to that party or even why does life seem so unfair?

It is as if we move from one stress point of insecurity to the next. But this is no way to live.

Life will present what it will, most of which beyond our illusion of a sense of control, we actually don't control. But we are capable of handling what life presents, for we always have.

Within each of us lies a deep well of calm. It is there for us to reach when we relax and through prayer or meditation or in the stillness, we find it within our higher selves, the spiritual presence that is the real us.

Our spiritual presence knows there is nothing to fear, nothing trivial to get upset about and it guides us to find our balance. For in balance we will recognize our irrational fears for what they are and cast them aside to find the path to tranquility and to calmly make wise decisions.

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