Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two Invaluable Lessons From The Death Bed

Most of us avoid thinking of our inevitable death and yet there are two invaluable lessons that inevitability offers us in how to live our lives far more wisely:
1) As death approaches, no one says, "Look at my fancy house, look at my big car, look at my expensive jewelry and look at all the other things I own." The reason is simple, very shortly this person will own none of those things, however much of life was devoted to obtaining them. 

Instead, what he or she deeply desires is to be surrounded by loved ones. To have loved ones requires a dedication to love, compassion, forgiveness and generosity of spirit. When death is not at our door is the time to dedicate ourselves to what it is that we will so deeply desire as our final moments slip away.

2) As death approaches, a common regret, an almost universal regret is the one that comes from not having pursued one's dreams. All the thoughts of what might have been if only. But now it is too late.

When death is not at our door is the time to pursue our dreams. We may succeed or we may fail but we will never have to wonder with regret in our final moments what might have been if only.


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