Monday, November 18, 2013

"It Killed Us But We Forgot To Die"

This morning an entrepreneurial friend of my wife Anne told her that her business nearly went under when one of her employees was injured and filed a Workman's Compensation claim.

Anne's friend said her accountant told her, "it killed us but we forgot to die," as they absorbed the cost and barely remained in business.

But that example applies in all aspects of life. How often are we overwhelmed by an event, seemingly buried, only to somehow come back again. We find the strength we need and we continue with our lives.

How? With hope. With love. With forgiveness. With a grain of optimism. And with a powerful force within that doesn't let us quit, even when we think we can't go on. Somehow we do go on and in the process we find our redemption and our reason to live.

We rebuild our lives and as the pain eases, something else happens we thought could never be. We find joy again, we find laughter again and we find that spark that drives us forward as the darkest of nights gives way to the sunrise, and with the birth of a new day we are reborn.


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