Friday, November 1, 2013

Do You Believe In Miracles?

Miracles happen regularly as people triumph over circumstances that are seemingly impossible to overcome.

A person on his deathbed overcomes a deadly disease or injury. Somehow a mother lifts a two or three thousand pound car off her child and the child is fine, neither of them able to explain the unexplainable.

A person is buried in a building collapse or an avalanche and days later is lifted to safety and a full recovery. A medic caught in the hell fire of battle saves the lives of soldiers and somehow comes out unscathed.

Atomic bombs are dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and somehow among the vast number of dead there are a handful of survivors.

A large commercial jet crashes and at times, among all the dead, there are survivors. Several years ago in New York, a large commercial jet is about to crash right after takeoff and yet the pilot against all odds lands the plane safely in a shallow spot in a nearby river.

Years ago a little six year old boy in an inner tube somehow floats safely across the rough seas from Cuba to Florida.

Sometimes we justify a miracle by saying "it was not her time." Or we might say "someone up there must like him." However we justify a miracle to ourselves, we know they exist.

Perhaps the best approach is to humbly have faith and be thankful for each gift we receive, whether profound or otherwise. For there is no need to justify a miracle, just embrace it with gratitude and a happy heart.


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