Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Man Buying Thousands Of Apartment Units

Anne's and my son Kyle is very successful in real estate investment and this morning he told me of a man so active in buying apartment units, that in the last few years he has acquired nearly 3,000 units with no end in sight to his buying.
A few years ago this man saw the collapse in U.S. real estate values and began buying everything he could, using borrowed money, investor money and his own funds, risking everything he owned to do it. With the rise in property values it appears he made a great investment, one making him financially rich, and the envy of many people.

This man is personable and very likable, and I'm pleased for his financial success. 

But Dear Reader, we live in a world in which in a very brief time, we all come and go. So unless he is going to become an extraordinarily kind and giving landlord or like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, plans to donate nearly all his money to charity, what this man is doing has little purpose. It will be an exercise in ego.

To seek permanence in monetary wealth is like building sand castles on the beach. Shortly the tide will wash in sweeping away all that was built. 

So don't be fooled.

What lasts is the love we give to others, expressed in so many different ways. For what is written on the heart lives in the being of each person fortunate enough to receive such a profound gift.


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