Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two Of Life's Great Necessities

Those necessities are love and laughter. This may seem obvious but if they are obvious, why do so many people struggle with love and live life with little laughter.

It's not wise for anyone to live like that and I hope that you are not one of those people. But if you are, please consider doing the following:

Today, and every day, express your unconditional love for at least one other person and watch what a difference your expression of love makes in your life and and in the lives of others. You can't help but uplift hearts, including your own.

Today, and every day, smile and find some laughter and merriment and not only will you feel better about life but so will everyone around you. Laughter and good humor are irresistible.

Please fulfill your need for these great necessities and may love and humor be a fundamental part of your life for every day you live.

This piece was in part inspired this morning by my conversation with Anne's and my 99 year old close friend Fay Ward, whom we love and with her funny stories brings laughter and joy to our hearts.

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