Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"I Can't Complain"

Ask someone how they are and one of the most common responses in the English language is: "I can't complain."

When I hear this response, I always cringe inside and then I smile and say in some form:

"You can't complain! You have this precious gift of life. You have people who love you. You have opportunities for happiness and you can bring something special to the world.

"Yet all you can say is, 'I can't complain.' You can do better. Find something to be happy about and be thankful about it as you rejoice in this precious gift you've been given."


Dear Reader: If it seems that I'm overreacting to a thoughtless statement, remember that our thoughts drive our lives. "I can't complain" leads to a life of mediocrity. Instead, wake up and celebrate life and see where that takes you.

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