Tuesday, June 2, 2015


We take for granted so many wonderful things in our lives, when a simple moment of reflection and gratitude would do wonders for us.

Do we have people who love us? Do we have good health? Do we have a home to live in, one with food and all the other comforts of home? Did we laugh today and share joy with others?

If we can answer yes to these questions, we are indeed fortunate and ought to be grateful for these unsung blessings that are so meaningful to our lives.



Kathleen said...

Dick...It's wonderful to see your multiple levels of interest and sharing. How fortunate for the rest of us to be able to benefit from your insights, articles, and wisdom!

Dick Kazan said...

Kathleen, It pleased me very much that you took the time to read another of the sites my friend and webmaster Jon Barnes and I publish. Thank you!