Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Mattered Most

If you were to measure what has mattered most to you in your life, what would you list? Here are several thoughts to consider:

1) Did you have the courage to honor your principles by your actions? Or did you in silence just knuckle under to the prevailing views and take shortcuts to what was easier and less risky.

2) Did you pursue your dreams? Or did you set them aside as impractical or in fear of what others might think of you for having those dreams.

3) Did you often tell people you loved them? Or did you keep your words of love to yourself with too little self-confidence to express them?

4) Did you rise to the occasion when others needed you? Or did you tell yourself there was nothing you could do or that you should just mind your own business.

5) Did you forgive others for the wrongs they caused you? Or did you harbor grudges and attempt to get even, however petty you felt afterwards.

6) Did you set a good example for children? Or did you tell them this is the way of the world as you punctured their dreams and sense of security.

7) Did you live a meaningful life? Or did you often just go through the motions, apathetic to what could have been life changing experiences.

However you answer these questions here is something else to consider. If you are not happy with any of your answers, it is not to late for you to correct them. Your life is not over and you have the opportunity to do what lives in your heart. Make this the day you begin to take action as you write a much greater chapter to your life.


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