Friday, November 8, 2013

A Moment Of Life

Although we may think of it as vast and complicated, life is nothing more than the collective of moments that comprise it.

A moment of expressing one's love. An instant of laughter. The shedding of tears. The silent joy of seeing one's child for the first time. A proud moment of receiving a diploma. Saying goodbye to an old friend. Saying hello to a new friend.

Expressing gratitude. Saying you're sorry. A silent prayer. A burst of happiness. A big hug. A quiet shrug. The profound moment of saying, "I do." And the next moment when you hear "I do" said in return.

Life is always in the moment, for there is no other time it can be lived. What shall we do with this moment? Perhaps it will pass without note or maybe it will change our lives. The decision is ours.


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