Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Child Entrusted To Us

The child entrusted to us is our own inner being.

We can nurture that child with love and compassion or we can criticize and belittle it until it has no shred of self-esteem.

We can embrace that child with beauty and kindness or we can condemn it to a harsh life largely devoid of humanity, and one filled with regret.

We can entrust that child with wisdom or we can offer it fluff and gossip.

We can set a high bar for achievement and the fulfillment of dreams or can set a low bar whose achievement matters little to us or to anyone else and whose dreams are lost in meaninglessness.

We can feed that child nutritious food and offer life sustaining exercise or we can feed it junk food and offer a sedentary lifestyle, one likely to lead to poor health and to numerous doctors and a sea of medication.

What shall we offer the child entrusted to us? The choices are ours and ours alone. Do we love that child enough to make the right choices?


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