Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beatitudes From An Anonymous Author

Blessed is he who loves and nurtures his family, the first step to universal peace.

Blessed is he who by his example, encourages others to live more compassionate lives.

Blessed is he who forgives, for he will free himself of anger, guilt and frustration.

Blessed is he the peacemaker, for he will prevent mankind from self-destruction.

Blessed is he who treasures animals instead of eating them, for he recognizes they too are my creation.

Blessed is he who by his actions brings hope and uplifts the hearts of all mankind, for he walks in my footsteps.

Blessed is he who brings wisdom and humor, for it is he who helps to relieve the world of its sorrow.

Blessed is he who knows there is no such thing as a 'holy war' and instead works for peace, for he will cleanse the blood from my name.

Blessed is he the environmentalist, for without him there would be no earth for anyone to inherit.

Blessed is he who does not seek blame but seeks solutions, for it is he who moves the world forward.

Blessed are they who faithfully follow the path for they will find their life's journey, their reason for having been here.


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