Friday, November 15, 2013

Finding Happiness In Life

Every day we have the opportunity to embrace life but so many people are frustrated with their lives, because life isn't as they want it to be and others don't do what they want them to do.

But life is what it is and if we want to find happiness, we must find it in ourselves, for we do not control life nor control others, even if we delude ourselves to think otherwise.

If we want to find happiness, it is amazing what a sense of gratitude can do for us.

Being thankful for loved ones, thankful for good health, thankful for being able to see, thankful for having a roof overhead and food in the refrigerator, thankful for beautiful music and other great works of art, thankful for the sunshine and thankful for the flowers in bloom are great examples as to where to begin our gratitude.

The next time we become frustrated because life isn't as we want it to be and others aren't doing what we want them to do, we can look to some of those who have cancer or another deadly disease and yet still find gratitude in their lives.

We can even look to the horrific Nazi death camps of World War 2 in which it was reported that some inmates found moments of gratitude, hope and dignity among the worst of circumstances in a Hell on earth.

In life, there is always something in which to find gratitude such as the magnificence of a sunrise or the taste of a fresh piece of bread hot out of the oven or toaster.

Or gratitude for life might come from seeing small children at play as their laughter and joy fills the air or from tiny puppies as they cuddle in our hands and lick our fingertips.

Or we can find our gratitude in being of service to others as we discover fulfillment we may not have ever known.

We do control our happiness in life. Happiness could start with loving others whether they love us or not for love in itself is magical and it can awaken even the coldest of hearts, beginning if necessary with our own.


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